Welcome Back to School: Winter 2018

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! The new year has certainly brought with it the arrival of cold winter weather. We have been working all week to ensure our buses and buildings are ready to go as students return to school tomorrow, January 5.

It’s important that we work together to make sure students are prepared to go to school in cold weather. FSSD maintenance and custodial staff have been in the buildings this week to ensure the heat is working properly and that pipes are not frozen. During this cold snap, we have been keeping the heat on in the schools throughout the night to ensure there is no lag in the morning warm-up.

We also will make sure our buses are ready in the morning by starting the engines early so the warming process will be underway when they leave to pick up your children. We encourage you to remind children to dress warmly. Your child’s bus should always arrive within five minutes of its scheduled time. On these chilly mornings, you may consider waiting with your child in a warm car until the bus comes.

We look forward to the possibilities that this new year holds and are excited to welcome your children back into our schools tomorrow.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. David Snowden
Director of Schools