FSSD Excels with 2023 TCAP Achievement Results

FSSD Excels with 2023 TCAP Achievement Results

The Franklin Special School District is proud to report that FSSD students continue a long history of outperforming the state in every grade level and subject area based on the 2022-2023 TCAP test data released on July 17. In fact, similar to last year, the district outperformed the state's proficiency percentage (also called success rate) by double digits in every core content area.

  • English/Language Arts = 19% higher than the state proficiency percentage (success rate)
  • Math = 20% higher than the state proficiency percentage (success rate)
  • Science = 21% higher than the state proficiency percentage (success rate)
  • Social Studies = 18% higher than the state proficiency percentage (success rate)

“We are so proud of our teachers and students for all their efforts during this past school year.  We strive for our students to both achieve at high levels and to continue to demonstrate academic growth from year to year,” said FSSD Director of Schools Dr. David Snowden. “These positive results occur due to the diligent work of our teachers and leaders and their use of high-quality instructional materials, research-based instructional strategies, and data analysis to help focus on continuous improvement for each child.”

graph comparing FSSD TCAP results versus the state

In addition to the FSSD's double-digit scores above state averages, the FSSD proudly highlights just a few academic achievements reflected by the 2022-2023 TCAP scores:

  • A few areas exceeded the percentage of students from last year (2021-2022) who scored at the Met Expectations or Exceeded Expectations levels, including ELA at all grade levels.
    • 3rd grade ELA rose nearly 15% from last year and was nearly 30% higher than the state average.
    • 7th-grade ELA scores increased to 56% met or exceeded expectations, which is 20% higher than the state average.
    • 3rd-grade science grew from 55% in 2022 to 72% in 2023, which was 25% higher than the state average.
  • The district's focus on ELA/Literacy is evident as it is one of the four main goals of the District Strategic Plan, Reach 2024. As such, it is very encouraging to see continued improvement year after year. Overall district ELA results grew over 2% from last year across all grade levels, with 3rd and 7th showing the greatest improvements.
  • While formal rankings are not provided to districts, analysis shows that the FSSD is among the top 10% of Tennessee districts for achievement across all subject areas. This is a remarkable achievement to sustain over the course of many years.
  • FSSD students who completed End of Course (EOC) tests for high school credit math classes had the highest average across the state in Geometry and the second highest average in Algebra 1.

In the Franklin Special School District, the instructional process allows students to receive teacher-directed information on state standards, practice, and repetition, as well as enrichment and support based on individual learning needs. FSSD teachers assess students regularly to ensure the essential standards are understood as well as to target knowledge gaps as part of intervention strategies and find opportunities to extend lessons for those who are ready for higher levels of instruction.

graph comparing 2023 TCAP vs 2022 TCAP in FSSD